Distance Radar

We introduce a range of smart tags/wearables which will help to maintain a safe distance.
2-way communication between each other and totally standalone.
Different tags for different lines of work.
Protecting Employees & Visitors by informing them

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Team members or visitors who work together use small wearable devices which automatically indicates close interactions.
A tool to help, educate and prevent unsafe social distancing occurrences.

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Choose a tag, matching your line of work and equip your employees and visitors.

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The device will constantly scan the environment range of 1,5m for other wearables and indicate close encounters.

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The user will receive live feedback: Visual, Auditable and Haptic


Gentle reminders will not only prevent unsafe situations but will also trigger a behavioral change which positively impacts the safety of your employees and visitors.


No expensive infrastructure needed! The tags are pre-configured, work out-of-the-box, and do not require any gateway or anchor point.

Employees Health

Employee health and safety are our and the companies' top priority, together by respecting the social distance we can re-start our economy.

Security first

Fully Anonymous, no Registration, No Logging, No Location tracking / Monitoring. In full respect of the employee's privacy and GDPR regulations.

Smart Technology

With this new super-accurate positioning technology UWB, we can detect up to 10cm accuracy.

Save your bills

The inexpensive solution, without any recurring license models or platform fee’s!

Social Responsibly

Don’t enforce, educate & inform your employees. No track records are kept!

Super Accurate

Up to 10cm accuracy due to Ultra Wide Band positioning technology.

Long Battery Life

Super long battery life - up to weeks and months in idle modus. All device contains intelligent power mechanisms like G-Sensors, to extend the battery life. The lithium-Ion battery can easily be recharged via USB.

Multiple Feedback

Visual, Auditable and Haptic feedback can be configured.

Different Form Factors

By using different compatible tag types, we can fit any industry: Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, Medical


The settings of tags can be easily configured to adjust the distance radius, feedback type, volume. Tags can be grouped


Solution can be extended to a full real-time positioning system. If evidence or contact tracing is required, you can extend to a full IoT Solution By adding Gateway’s and Anchor points, real-time and historical location data can be transmitted to any Iot Platform.



We created a wide range of tags, suitable for different environments/sectors.

Air Quality Monitor


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SME Kit (100x Badge Tags)

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SME Kit (20x Badge Tags)

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Badge Tag


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Watch Tag (Basic)


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Light Tag


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Demo Kit (4x Badge Tags)

Perfect for POC or Solution Validation

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Object Tag


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Homepage Safety Distance

Air Quality Monitor

Portable self-calibrating multi-environment sensor: CO2, HCOHO, TVOC, Temperature & Humidity.
To ensure a safe working environment for internal staff, employees, students, or visitors.

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A simple but slick design makes this wearable easy and functional. It can be worn as a belt clip or on a lanyard.

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This big visual indicator can be used in multiple ways, it can be mounted on a helmet, body, shopping cart or other objects,
Flashing LED lights + sound will indicate close encounters.

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Homepage Safety Distance



Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

Do i need to install any hardware or infrastructure ?

No! it's totally standalone and it already works from 2 devices up to thousands.

Is it suitable for my specific work environment ?

Within our Safety Distance solutions, we have multiple versions depending on the requirements or desired goals. Our Badge line is mostly chosen in Office Spaces, Public Venues or to use as Temporary Badge in Retail or other sectors. Where the industrial led and helmet modules are more designed for industrial use ( factories, construction etc... )

Can we setup a proof of concept before the final order ?

Absolutely. We are strong believers in the motto: "seeing is believing". We offer a demo kit with 2-4 units to try-out the technology yourself. If you are looking to implement more than 100 tags, our customer success department will assist you: sales@2invision.eu

Can i as business unit manager, review the encounters of my staff ? and is their software included to view and export the data?

No! Sorry! Not standard... If you are searching for a more advanced solution with dashboarding, to centralize and visualize all data in our own or 3rd party IoT Platforms. Click here for more info

Can you store the user's location history ?

Our UWB product line is focused on self-interacting tags. We don't store the interactions or data. We believe that it is not always necessary to keep track of everything and believe that social distancing is both a personal and business responsibility. We count on employees, visitors their engagement to respond to the notification feedback, it's for their own health benefit

Is your product designed for the COVID-19 exit strategy ?

Yes, and No, we adapted an existing and proven 2-way communication system to specially fit the needs for this anonymous social distance solution.